Posted by: rainbowclovers | July 15, 2010

roll .. roll .. roll ~

ROLL! Once again, I want to announce that I am back on tumblr. If anyone who is reading this has a tumblr, please FOLLOW ME! 🙂

Anyways, it’s been a boring couple of days. Every morning is spent surfing the internet and watching videos on Youtube. If anyone posts videos on Youtube, and suddenly realize you got another 100 views … yeah, that was probably me. Haha. I need a hobby. /shot

I just came back from Coles. I returned the book “Along for the Ride”. Why? It bored me like crazy. The best part about the book? The last two chapters. I am not kidding. In return, I bought another book called “When it Happens”. I’ve been looking forward to buying this book and another one by the same author. Unfortunately, only this one was left. Oh well. Since I still had another $12 left to spend, my dad told me to buy a teen magazine and get the hell out of there. At the end, I came out with my new novel, an M magazine, a cards kit (including cards and a book of tricks), and a chocolate bar. I think all this was worth it. So much better than “Along for the Ride”.

Anyways, not much left to say. My posts have been boring. My stats have dropped insanely. I used to get at least 100 views per day. Now, I’m lucky to even get 5. I guess … I used to leave videos and MLIAs for everyone to read. I’ll probably start that up again.



Quick Edit:

I love the sneezing guy and Wesley! 🙂

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