Posted by: rainbowclovers | July 18, 2010


So recently, I started to listen to Super Junior again. I got hooked after I first saw their music video for “No Other”. It was so cute. Here’s the video:


Anyways, I first started listening to their music about two years ago. However, I kind of got lazy after a while since I couldn’t remember all thirteen member’s faces and names. At that time, I only liked two members: Leeteuk and Heechul. However, now that I’ve been stalking them for days, I have come to a conclusion that Heechul and Hankyung are the best members, at least in my opinion.

Personally, I’m probably a bit biased about Hankyung because he’s Chinese. Plus, the place where he was born is very close to where my family is from. I love seeing him sing, and he’s not bad too look at either. I just found out today that he has already left Super Junior and has returned back to China. This was probably old news, but I just started getting back into SUJU! Anyways, here’s a recent performance of their song “No Other”.

Also, since I adore Heechul, I decided to google him. I heard that him and Hankyung were really close and the fact that Hankyung has left SUJU has made Heechul really sad. Hearing that, I went on Youtube to check.

This video made me laugh so hard. These two are so cute!


Anyways, I better stop. Oh wait! One last one … KEVIN’S BACK! 🙂


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