Posted by: rainbowclovers | August 10, 2010

Jet Set

Today, my parents took me to Indigo and I bought a book that was on sale for $4.99. (I’m Asian, I’m always on the look-out for cheap things). Anyways, the book looks okay, but I haven’t read it yet. Oh, yeah … the title of the book is the title of this post. 🙂

Yesterday, my friend told me to make a Twitter account so she won’t be a complete loner. Since I have an account on almost any social networking site, I agreed. I’m not exactly addicted to twitter like so many other people in the world, but it’s alright. I already have 5 tweets, I think. If you have a twitter, feel free to follow me. If not, you can find me on tumblr.

Anywho, my friend also sent me a link to this:

Oh, how I miss Hong Kong. The place where Bubz got her bubble tea and fish balls was such a nice place. I remember being there last summer (one year and a day before today). It was soo crowded, yet so fun. I hope I get to go again next summer with my friends.

Anyways, in fifteen minutes, Friends reruns will be on. You can’t miss those, can you? Haha.


  1. aww, love bubz!^^

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