Posted by: rainbowclovers | August 18, 2010

If You Want a Lover

This morning, I signed onto my MSN, and my friend immediately messaged me saying “Oh my gosh, I think I’m in love with Yoseob from B2ST.” This was the same girl who saw a picture of him and said that he was so hideous that it hurt to just look at him. She also rated him a 0/10 on looks. Anyways, she sent me a link to this video:

Now, normally, I’m not the biggest fan of Yoseob or B2ST. I don’t think there’s anything special about him. People say he’s adorable, and I think he actually burns my eyes. People say his personality is cute as well, and I have no interest in knowing. HOWEVER, one thing I never struggled to admit was the fact that I think his voice is pretty damn good. Anyways, GaYoon and him did a cover for G.NA’s song which featured “Rain” called “If You Want a Lover”. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of Rain’s voice and I didn’t really like that song. However, I prefer this cover over the original since I think that Yoseob and GaYoon make a  better duo as opposed to G.NA and Rain.

Anyways, what I wanted to mention last time was the ISA concert.

That video announcement has been out for a couple of days already. I’m so disappointed that I don’t get to go since all my favourite people are going to be there. Quest Crew, WongFu, KevJumba, Jay Park …. [/sad]

Alright, so I’ve been back on HatePost. I don’t actually submit anything, but I’m a loser so I love to read through those HatePosts and feel like I can relate.

1. I hate it when in dance movies, the enemy always does a better job than the main character but the main character still wins. I mean, come on. Let’s all be honest with ourselves.
2. I hate it when I go into the shower and drop the soap.
3. I hate when it takes forever to load a webpage, and then the millisecond before I hit the refresh button, it loads.
4. I hate it when people post ugly pictures of you and don’t delete it when you tell them to.
5. I hate it when two of your friends are dating, and you want to say something to them, but they’re too busy sucking each others face. ALL THE TIME!
6. I hate it when my mom is yelling at me, and she brings up the most random things that I’ve done weeks, or months ago just so that she can yell at me longer than she needs to.
7. I hate when stupid people call you stupid.
8. I hate when I’m watching tv and my mom chooses to speak really loudly on the phone that is in the same room, and when I raise the volume she tells me to lower the volume because she’s on the phone. Why this phone of all the phones in the house?
9. I hate how I sometimes blush, and then someone says: ‘Wow, your face is turning all red’. Ah, thanks, that helps.
10. I hate it how some girls can throw their hair up into a messy bun and look gorgeous, and then when you try it, you wind up looking like a retard.


  1. wongfu is awesome! they came to my school once to show their movie and i got to take a pic with them and get autographs. :DDDD

    • … WHAT!?
      I am now insanely jealous. 😦

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