Posted by: rainbowclovers | August 21, 2010



If you haven’t noticed already, I’ve been obsessed with Hongki lately. I first found his picture thought a friend’s friend’s Facebook. It was this picture: [x]

Anyways, after some hard-core stalking, I found out his name. I found out he’s in the band called “F.T. Island”, and is the main vocalist. Then, I found out that he’s in the drama called “You’re Beautiful”. Since a lot of people have recommended that drama to me, I figured I should watch it. I’ve tried to watch a lot of Korean dramas before, but they always lost my interest within the first couple of minutes. I think that fact that Lee Hongki was in the drama gave me the strength to keep watching.

Now, I’m on the fourth episode of the drama. I’m totally in love with it, and the story so far was fun and cute. Why’s it cute? Lee Hongki and his co-star Jung Yong Hwa are the cutest people ever! Shin-woo, played by Jung Yong Hwa, has the best character in the series so far. If I was living in this drama, he’d be the perfect guy. However, Lee Hongki is still the cutest one. [/loser]

Aside from the drama and Hongki love, I’ve basically done nothing special these past couple of days. I went to a mall today with my friends and that basically wiped out all my energy. I’m so tired. I think I’ll just go back to watching my drama. 🙂









You’re welcome. 😉

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