Posted by: rainbowclovers | September 9, 2010


This post was originally supposed to be up yesterday, but I typed the title and got distracted with some stupid drama that was going on in my life. To the people who read this: if a situation doesn’t involve you, never go near it. I always tend to get caught up in situations where I’m blamed for something I never did. It pisses me off so much because parents, peers, and many others think of me as the bad person when I never actually did anything or intended to.

Lesson: If a situation has nothing to do with you, don’t get involved. Do not ever try to find out what that person is going through. Apparently, things get twisted and you get blamed for doing nothing what-so-ever.

Anyways, school officially started on September the 7th. I went to sushi with a couple of my friends. I thought the food (especially the sushi) was delicious. Unfortunately, my friend decided to invite her boyfriend, who is completely awkward around me. Every time we meet, there’s this awkward silence. It’s so dense, you can SEE the air particles. After that, I just went back to school. It wasn’t an official first day. All we did was listen to the principal rant on and on about the most useless crap. We paid $50 for our agenda’s and yearbooks, got our schedules and left.

All my first semester classes were pretty good. I knew at least one or two friends in each class. Unfortunately, I was a loner in last period.

Lesson: Always make sure you know who is going to an event you’re attending. If someone you’re not comfortable with is going … try a way to get out of it. Avoiding the event may not be good, but surround yourself with closer friends.

Yesterday was the official first day of school. We had a full period of all our courses. My first period is called “SAP” which is the abbreviation of “Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology”. I only have one friend in that class which sucks, but I’m trying to make new friends. Haha. Second period, I’m taking an Economics class. I have a good friend in that class, so it’s pretty good. Fourth period, I have Canadian Law, which is pretty good as well. Last period is hell. My father forced me to take Networking, but it’s absolute torture. I hope to be able to transfer out of it tomorrow.

Lesson: Take/Choose courses that you enjoy. Don’t ever let others make decisions for you. Follow/Take your own path.


  1. oh don’t i kno the awkwardness that is called being the third wheel..and yes, we should not meddle (sp?) in other ppl’s matters. why hs sure has changed since the last time i’ve been there. XD

    • LOL. I guess so, but there were more people there. I guess it’s just because I don’t know him that well. Highschool sucks … so much for the best four years of my life.

      • actually fear not, as the best four years of your life is going to be college.

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