Posted by: rainbowclovers | September 25, 2010


It’s been a bit over two weeks since I last posted. I’ll try to zoom past everything so people don’t have to be bored with my thoughts and feelings, LOL.

ONE (SCHOOL LIFE): School was absolutely horrible the first week of school. I hardly had any friends in any classes except Economics. First period, I have one friend, but we’re not that close. After two weeks, I’ve gotten used to him and his stupid ways though. Second period, I have Economics. I’m with one of my closest friends for this class, so it’s not bad. However, the course itself is horrible. It isn’t because of the difficultly level, but because I really have no interest in it. Fourth period, I’m taking a Law class. It’s not bad since I actually have some interest and I do have a couple of friends in this class. Last period, my dad had forced me to take a course called Networking. It was absolutely dreadful since I had no idea what was going on. I ended up with a 62 on my first test. If you’re Asian, you know that I probably got my ass whooped. I still hate the class now, but I’m improving since I just aced my last test with an 82. Plus, I’m starting to make friends with some of the people. In fact, it was the first time I walked up to someone and talked to them. I saw that they were a new student, and she seemed friendly. We talk really often now. All in all, school still sucks but it’s getting better.

TWO (THINGS AWAY FROM SCHOOL): Life aside from school absolutely blows. My wisdom teeth are coming in. I currently have two on the bottom. The tooth on the right side of my face has no problem. In fact, it’s been cooperating with me since it isn’t causing me any pain. However, the tooth on my left side is killing me. The tooth itself is growing in fine. However, it’s causing a lymph node in the upper side on my neck to become swollen. It doesn’t hurt, but I’m scared it can get worse and I might need to get some type of surgery. Plus, this damn tooth is also causing me a stupid fever. Aside from my tooth issues, I’ve also been playing with a 15-piece puzzle. I’ve also finished with the drama called “Growing Through Life”. It was pretty good! Also, I’m currently watching “Can’t Buy Me Love” which stars my two favourite actors and actresses in Hong Kong dramas. In terms of books, I’m currently reading “Beastly”, which is soon to turn into a major motion movie staring Vanessa Hudgens and some other hot guy, haha. The book is amazing, and I recommend it for all people who like romance/comedy books (teenage girl books).

THREE (ONLINE JUNK): This basically means I flood everyone who reads this with my favourite videos …

1. My favourite song from 2NE1 since they debuted:

2. A parody of some of the people who go on Maury:

3. Call it a guilty pleasure, but I love watching “The Next Star”! Mimoiza and Diego have such great chemistry, and I’m hoping that one of these two win this season. If you want, check out every participant’s single. All they’re songs are catchy, and they have such powerful voices ..

4. If anyone has stuck by with Kevjumba from the beginning, they’ll all love the fact that he has ditched his dad for this video. I mean, I think his dad’s funny, but he gets too much camera time sometimes. Plus, Kevin’s dance intros were back for this video, so it’s like a classic!

5. Ahh, one of my favourite members of Quest Crew has a YouTube channel now! When this video first went public, it made my week!

6. Pretty random, but I love this …

7. I still replay this video. You see all those views it got? Yeah, that’s all me. I absolutely loved seeing Uncle Sam. I remember first watching him in his own video called “uncle same gets jacked” or something along those lines. He’s a genius when it comes to Vietnamese accents.

8. Not the best interview ever, but you can tell he’s a really passionate guy. Plus, some of his answers to questions and requests were adorkable, yes?

9. If you watched Gossip Girl, you know this line probably floored all the fans of our dear Chuck Bass.

10. Communitychannel has a new video! Her videos are all so relateable. Remember to watch her unlisted video!

This stupid post took forever since my computer kept shutting off on me. Once, it didn’t save in my drafts which made me want to stab my monitor. As a side note, the title of the post is a quote from my recent love, Jay Park.


  1. xD you should get that checked ASAP… cause i had to get surgery once when that happened to me. Good luck ;o
    LOL at the tonne of vids. -like-

    • You got your wisdom tooth removed already? Was I not listening to you when you announced this? LOL.

  2. get your wisdom teeth checked soon! i love 2NE1’s new song too. it’s a great video and it kills every time i watch it, can’t imagine a girl going through a bf like that. kevjumba’s awesome too i’ll have to check that out! and i wanna read that book you were talking about, beastly. sounds interesting. good luck in school! it gets better hun.

    • Really? Ergh, I hate the dentist. I guess if it doesn’t get well in a week, I’ll go to the dentist. I agree with the 2NE1 comment. Good example of violent relationships, eh? Haha.

      + You should try it out. Maybe you’ll like the book. Anyways, thanks for the encouragement for school. -stays strong- LOL.

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