Posted by: rainbowclovers | October 2, 2010

Hello Hello 잠시얘기 할래요 ~

Ahh … when was the last time I updated this blog? The background and everything feels so lame and boring. I’ll probably change it up a bit the next time I have free time (Winter break). School has been school. First period, S.A.P (Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology), is getting better. The stuff we’re learning now is actually getting more interesting. Second period, Economics, is also getting better. We’ve been doing weekly challenges in groups, and my group is currently in the lead. Plus, one of my close friends is in this class, making it a lot more fun despite the boring curriculum. Fourth period, Law, is also getting better. I got my last quiz back and had aced it with a 93. Not bad for my first try, I guess. There’s going to be a test on Tuesday, so I’m hoping I do well on that as well. Last period, Cisco Networking, is still hell. Let me tell you why …

So basically, I never do work in this class. Why? Because I’m a lazy turd. However, after the test yesterday, I decided I should do some work. I started on one of the labs. With the help of the new teacher’s assistant, him and I managed to complete 90% of the lab. I was so ecstatic, I can’t even explain it. It’s so rare that I even bother  with work, let alone almost complete it. Right when I was about to finish, the monitor went black. Apparently, my teacher got angry at the kids who weren’t doing work. The two people next to me were on Facebook and Youtube, and some other guy behind me was playing a shooting game. Since “no one” was working, he thought it was best to shut off all the computers and make us listen to him lecture about why we’re all failures. Raging moment, please. Of ALL the times he could have shut down my computer, he chose to do it on the day that I actually did some work. EFF EMM ELLE.

If someone actually read through all that, I love you. Haha. Anyways, some other stuff …

SHINee will be releasing their MV for “Hello” soon. They’ve already put out a teaser and have performed it live. The title of the post is actually lyrics to the song. Anyways, cute song, and seems like the MV will be cute aswell.

I have tons to say, but I also have tons of homework.

Homework > WordPress, unfortunately.



  1. this entry cracked me up! XD i loved the way you spelled FML, lol. i guess the mornings you are SAPpy. get it? 😛

    • LOL! Glad it made you laugh? Haha.
      Yes, I totally get it. That’s a pretty SAPpy joke. 😀

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