Posted by: rainbowclovers | November 1, 2010

K-Pop Frenzy!

After the last post, I realize I should probably make another post so everyone doesn’t think I’m some crazy freak who leaves her blog for 2-3 weeks and comes back a raging beast.

Aside from the stress of school, life has been alright. I officially went to the doctor to get my pains checked, and she said it was nothing serious. Networking aside, my grades for other courses are improving as well. I finished the drama “Every Move You Make”, and it’s a definite must if you’re into police/mystery dramas with cool looking dudes.

Anyways, recently, SNSD came back with their new mini-album called “Hoot” which has 5 new songs. The music video for Hoot wasn’t my favourite, but the song is pretty addicting. Here’s a recent performance of it:

Promotions for SHINee’s “Hello” and B2ST’s “Breathe” have ended as well.

It really breaks my heart that fans are no longer screaming for Jonghyun after it has been confirmed that he’s dating. As much as it really sucks for fans of him (including myself), I would never not support him just because he’s dating someone. You can tell he’s really saddened by this. Also, in another video, we see Jonghyun taking three deep bows to apologize to his fans. I hope this all blows over for him. On the bright side, my second favourite member, Key, is getting more love.

Last performance of “Breathe” from B2ST. Normally, I don’t really like this band, but I made an exception for this song.

Anyways, I found this video from Tumblr. It’s pretty old since Jonghyun’s hair is still blonde, but I thought 3:16-3:27 was absolutely adorable.

Also, a new video from Nigahiga was released two days ago (?). It was pretty good, but the bloopers were even better. Watch the “BROMANCE” video from Nigahiga’s channel, and then watch the bloopers from Wongfu’s channel. Jay makes everything better, doesn’t he? 🙂

Lastly, in terms of videos, my favourite band (NEWS) recently released their PV for “Fighting Man”. The music video for it is always getting deleted on Youtube, so I won’t post it. Instead, here’s a live performance of the song:

Hopefully all those videos don’t get deleted off of YouTube.

I think that’s pretty much it.

Err, I figured I should post some of these since I haven’t done so in a long time:

1. Today, in English we had to write down examples of Antagonists. Most people wrote Darth Vader or The Joker. I wrote those along with: Voldemort, Gary Oak, Team Rocket, and anyone from Twilight. MLIA

2. Today I learned when I was little I asked a man wearing a turban if he was Aladdins daddy. MLIA

3. Today, I got on As it turns out, my name means “beautiful” and my worst enemy’s name means “injured penis”. I win. MLIA

4. I hate it when your friend asks for homework help with something like a drawing, or writing a poem, and you do it for them, and theirs turns out better than yours. [hatepost]

5. I hate it when you like a song before it becomes popular and then when it is popular, you can’t mention you liked it first, because you sound conceited. [hatepost]


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