Posted by: rainbowclovers | November 1, 2010

November Blows!

Today’s the first of November, and I’m already pissed off. I was supposed to have an exam for networking today, but I managed to get it postponed until Wednesday. I spent half my lunch waiting for my teacher to come back and explain some concepts to me. I spent a good fifteen minutes alone in a classroom, waiting. Then, when he came in, it was decided for me to ask him during class time.

After I left, I spent the rest of lunch cramming for a law quiz that I didn’t even do that well on.

Last period, I go back to networking and spent an hour trying to understand my teacher (who has a heavy Russian accent) explain subnetting and many other complicated things. So, an hour gone and I have learned absolutely nothing. So now, I have to attempt, AGAIN, to try to understand it by myself.

I come home hoping to be able to show my mom the nice grade I got on my law assignment, but instead she yells at me. She tells me that my dad’s been saying things about me while I was at school. Things like “I hate when she says she hates the networking course” or “I don’t understand how there are students in her class who are making 90s, while she’s getting 60s-80s.”


I stress out everyday at school and after school to try and make good grades to get a good average. What’s the good average for? University applications, but also to make my parents happy. So, I basically spend a large portion of my day doing things I don’t always enjoy just to please them and to make a better future for myself.

Now … everyone has courses they may not necessarily like, right? For example, my friend absolutely loves science classes such as chemistry or physics. While, I, on the other hand, prefer classes like English or Law. When it comes to grades, people differ too, right? A friend of mine is amazing at math and constantly gets 90s on her test. However, I usually don’t do that well. However, the same friend would get 60s and 70s when it came to essays that we did in history class, while I would get 90s or 100s. Everyone has different ways of learning too, right? I’m sure that’s why there different types of learners out there. Kinestheic learners, visual learners, and so on. See … I’m more of a “sit-at-table-reading-the-textbook” type of learner. So while everyone in networking has to be good with wires, and be a kinesthetic learner by actually DOING the work, I’m better at courses that involve critical thinking and writing essays.

So, my dad is basically yelling at me for not being all the types of learners. I’m sorry, because I wasn’t aware that each person was supposed to be amazingly godly at being all the types of learners. I think this is why they have quizzes for these types of things. BECAUSE MOST PEOPLE ARE ONLY GOOD AT ONE. Then, he blames it on the fact that I spend too much time chatting on MSN. Because really … when I ask the teacher for help, I’m also chatting with my friends. -_-

Then, when I say “I hate this course!” he yells at me for hating it. Then continues to say I shouldn’t hate it. If I hate it, I’ll end up living on the streets. I am not exaggerating this. He makes it sound like he was a perfect student, who understood and enjoyed every class he took, and it really pisses me off. I know I sound like a total ass for saying all this, and that my dad only wants the best for me. I just really think there are other ways of helping me without crushing my self-esteem and making me sound like a total failure in life.

Aside from all the crap my dad gives me, the rest of this week is jam-packed with assignments, tests, and exams. After this, report cards are coming out the week after the next, and my grades are not looking real nice. I currently have four courses, and while 3/4 are pretty decent … networking class is really bringing down my average.

I’m done now though. After ranting it out here, I feel better.

There’s this friend of mine who I haven’t spoken to in a couple days because I kind of got pissed at him. I’m glad I can talk to him though, because I know he’ll still listen to me. So even though he can be a complete ass sometimes, I’m glad he’s here. 🙂

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