Posted by: rainbowclovers | November 28, 2010

Hola! Como estas!?

Hey, everyone who’s still sticking around. I’m still surprised I get quite a few views on this dumb blog when I hardly even post as much as I used to. Anyways, I’m pretty sure I’ve had this blog for over a year already. I remember first opening an account to vent about the stress of the Honours program I was in and how my parent’s were being unreasonable. Haha.

Now that I’m out of the Honours program, life hasn’t slowed down that much. School is still school, and some days are more stressful than others. I got my report card back for term one of semester one. I’m not doing as well as I can since my Networking grade is really dragging me down. My average ended up being an 81.5%. I wouldn’t say it’s hideous, but it’s definitely one of my lowest averages since the beginning of high school, and I hope I can get back my 90% average from last year again. As soon as Networking class is out of the way, I’ll be able to achieve a better average! Other than that, my other classes are going fairly well.

Errr, what else? Well, my friend decided to get me extremely paranoid about my body. A while back, every pain I got, I believe it was Cancer. I went to the doctor’s because I didn’t want to be paranoid forever. It ended up being nothing, and I was a happy girl for about a month or two. Unfortunately, my dumb friend got me believing I have parasites in my stomach and possibly even stomach cancer. Then, I started noticing some of those symptoms, and I got even more paranoid. I should stop googling these things or I’ll actually eventually end up with cancer with all the stress. </brick’d>

Since I haven’t posed in a while, there are actually like 37489327489 videos I wanted to post, but that’s probably not going to work out very well. Anyways, here it goes …

1. While I’m not the biggest fan of B2ST, my friend linked me to the MV teaser for their new song “Beautiful”. I got addicted since I’m a big sucker for those upbeat, cute, pop songs. When the MV came out, I was oober happy. Even though I didn’t really understand what was really happening (I could have looked for a video with subtitles, but I was too late), I really enjoyed it since the song was cute and the video looked cool. Anyways, after listening to the song about 5,000 times, I kinda gave in to B2ST. I have no willpower, lolol. Anywho, I guess my favourite member right now is Junhyung, with Doojoon right up there with him. Yoseob still has the nicest voice, but I will never see him as that cute boy that everyone adores. Just no. Anywho, there’s about 50 other performances, but here’s two that I really liked:

Anyways, while we’re on the topic of B2ST/Junhyung, I found out that around January, he was in a song with Hyuna called “Change”. I didn’t know until my friend showed me. Loved the performance by them both:

2. Nigahiga released his short film a couple days ago. I thought it’d be a bit more serious since it was a longer project to work on, but I guess not. Ryan’s still as silly as before, haha. Anyways, overall it was a pretty good movie. I guess there were some things here and there that I wasn’t that impressed with, but I did like the funny scenes between Aden (Ryan) and Taylor (Arden).


Anyways, not much else to say in terms of k-pop videos, haha. The rest were other performances by B2ST and SNSD.

I guess I should be off to do other things … including studying. Sigh.


  1. just keep in mind that grades aren’t the most important things in the world. 🙂 believe me, i learned the hard way.

    • I know, but they’re still pretty important though, yes? I don’t know, I just need the good grades to apply for universities and such. 😦

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