Posted by: rainbowclovers | December 10, 2010

You’re rude. Please shut up.

I’ve been so pissed for the last two days. This week started off pretty good, and I was actually pretty excited about it.

My law teacher had assigned us this project in groups of 4-5. My group was to teach a period of class about a chapter in the textbook. Our task was to basically create a PowerPoint with information, make some worksheets, and initiate 1-3 activities for the class to do. A group member and I created the PowerPoint, another boy made the worksheets, and another guy designed the class activity. The first activity that he created was to basically split the class into four groups of five people. They were supposed to brainstorm as many ideas/points/opinions they had on the different purposes of sentencing an offender. At the end of the ten minutes of brainstorming, my group members went around to tally up all the points each group had. The group with the most ideas would receive a can of Sprite each. I went over to my friend’s table to tally up their score. Keep in mind, when the groups were made, all my friends ended up in the same group and they were all Asian. After tallying, I came to the final score of 25. This is where the arguments began.

One girl in the group started complaining that she was supposed to have 32 points instead of 25. I told her that it would be unfair to other groups and that they were supposed to only receive 25 points.  What came out of my mouth was this: “Can’t we just agree on giving you 25 points?”. By now, some druggie bitch (pardon me, I’m really pissed) in another group started screaming. She said, “She’s racist! She’s only GIVING them 25 points because they’re Asian. I demand a recount!” Now, knowing me and how stubborn I am, I refused to do a recount because I know that I’m right. Right after I refused, another bitch (this girl has 1000+ friends on Facebook, talks like a rude girl, and dresses like a prostitute) in the back of the class said, “CAN YOU COUNT? LIKE … JEEZ!” I didn’t say anything and simply walked away after I wrote “25” on the group’s paper. However, since my class is filled with ignorant people, they decided to get a group member of mines to recount the points. And hey, guess what? It was a mother effin’ 25 points. The class shut up.

Then, while I’m setting up the PowerPoint, I still hear the prostitute girl at the back whispering that I was a racist and I’m biased. Like please, you look like a dysfunctional bulldog, you complain and whine about the dumbest things in the world, you dress like a drunk hooker, and you talk as if you’re the queen of the world. If anything, she should be the one who gets hated on. Now it may sound rude of me, but I sincerely hope her boyfriend dumps her.

Anyways, during the PowerPoint, whenever I made a mistake when speaking, she would kiss her teeth and roll her eyes. She would even laugh sometimes. I got so pissed off because she’s the same person who can’t speak English properly because of her thick accent. I’m not hating on immigrants or anything, but I really hate that she makes fun of people who makes mistakes when speaking when she’s not any better.

Moving on …

Today, it was another group’s turn to teach the class another section of the law textbook. Their activity was basically set up like this:

The class would be split into two teams.
Each team gets 10 slips of paper with a word on it.
A definition would be given.
Each team sends up a runner with a slip of paper than corresponds with the definition given.
Whoever runs up first and has the correct word, wins.
Each team may only send a person once unless they run out of teammates.

Now, halfway through the game, our team ran out of fast runners and all the guys were telling me to run. If anyone knows me, I’m a slow runner. I mean, if this was gym, and it was mandatory, I’ll put in some effort, and my running speed wouldn’t be that bad. But, if I was told to run for a bus, I’m that person who’d rather walk and wait for the next bus to come. Anyways, I told them that I don’t want to run and we should send up another girl instead. That same druggie bitch from yesterday decides to say, “Just go, dumbass!”. EXCUSE ME, SHE DID NOT JUST GO THERE. First of all, throughout the whole year, she has said less than 20 words to me. Now, she decides to call me a dumbass. Who the hell does she think she is? I’m not the one who’s probably drinking and smoking underage, doing illegals things, and failing all my tests. Plus, you have no right to call me a dumbass before you really get to know me. You have no right to call me that just because I’m too lazy to run. If you’re so amazingly talented, beautiful, smart, and athletic, why don’t YOU run?

I mean, being rude is something that everyone has in time no matter how nice they are. I’ll admit it, I can be a pretty mean person sometimes. I understand that sometimes I may be too blunt and it hurts others feelings. However, not once have I not tried to fix something when I know I’m in the wrong. Not once have I called a stranger a dumbass. Not once have I complained about loosing in a class activity/game, and called the teacher racist because I lost. Some people in this world need to loosen up, man up, and shut up.



  1. o wow :O sorry that you have such classmates. but good to vent on here right? the beauty of blogging…that girl was probably still mad about the class the other day and was taking her anger out on you, ppl can be crazy like that sometimes, but it’s best to let it go. they demanded a recount b.c no one likes to lose, haha. but yeah, try not to take it personally.

    • Yeah, I always come back when I need to vent. I guess that’s why I’ve put up with this blog for so long even when I wanted to quit.

      + Thanks. I try not to, but I guess I’m a person who’s easily angered and frustrated. Sigh, I should probably work on that, eh? haha.

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