Posted by: rainbowclovers | December 23, 2010


Wow, there’s officially eight more days until 2011. I would say this year went by fast, but there were definitely some moments that made me want to kill myself. And when I say “kill myself”, I actually meant I wanted to go to sleep and just let the days roll by. I wanted to wake up and have everything be okay again. However, even though I say that, I’m that idiot who refuses to give up when times are tough because I’m so thick-skinned. Anyways, what I wanted to do in this post was to rewind through my life this year and recap everything that happened in each month.

January marked the ending of semester one of my sophomore year in high school. Things were pretty low considering my crappy grades. I was ranting almost everyday about how much I hate being in an honours program, how math class was hell, and how my test grades for almost every class were absolute doodoo. However, I also remember being extremely happy at some points too. In late December/early January, I had finally aced one of my math tests. While an 88% on the test was pretty crap considering my previous math marks in other grades, this was pretty amazing since honours math was about fifty times harder than anything I’ve ever done. Unfortunately for me, my test right after that scored a 46%. Soon after, it was exam time. Math exam grade? 67%. Total piss off, and I don’t even want to explain why. On the bright side of everything though, my final grade for history class was 89%, business: 91%, science: 75%, math: 63%. For the honours program, we needed an average of 75% in both science and math. However, I figured since not much people achieved the math expectation, I’d be fine. Boy, was I wrong.

February was the beginning of semester two. The first week of February was hectic. We were all picking courses for next year, getting teachers to sign our papers (saying we had the prerequisite to take the courses we selected), and there was just a huge process involved. As I went around the school finding teachers, I was having lots of fun. My friends and I were pushing through crowds, and it was just a good day. When I got to the HMST (honours program) director though, everything changed. The bitch refused to sign my papers. In fact, she said that my math grade was so crap that I was unable to pass to junior year of honour classes. Not only that, I was to be sent out of this school. I think it’s good to say; I was furious. I could have easily found other people who passed but still had equally as crappy grades as I did. EQUALLY CRAPPY GRADES. Fortunately for me, I bawled my eyes out after-school to the HMST director and she gave me some conditions. I had to do extremely well in the two other honour classes that I had in second semester, and I had to redo a math exam and pass with a 70%. Life was crap, but I had a goal, so I worked extremely hard.

AND, can I just say that I was watching the Olympics like my life depended on it? Sydney Crosby’s winning goal was sex. Jussayin’.

March was filled with stress too. My parents were constantly worried about my status at this high school, and I absolutely hate worrying my parents. On top of normal course work, I also had to review a semester’s worth of math. Luckily for me, my grades in every class were pretty damn good. I was doing okay in English, great in Biology class (HMST course), and amazing in Technological Design class (HMST course) and careers class. With the rate that I was excelling at, I was hoping that my grades were enough to prove that I was a good candidate for HMST. I was also praying that it was enough to get me out of doing the math exam.

I’d say this was probably the best I’ve been since the beginning of the year. I had achieved a 90% average on my mid-term report card, and I was doing well with the review for my math exam redo.

May was not as great as April. I was informed that my math exam redo would be to happen this month. After a while though, I was told it was to happen a day before my birthday in June. Sigh. Other than that though, my grades for every class were slipping a bit. Not by much, though. I was still achieving high grades, so my life was okay at this point. On a scale of one to ten, I’d give it a 6.5.

Hellooooo June! This was supposed to be the best time of the year. It was marking the end of the school year, my birthday month, and Summer Break was starting soon. Unfortunately for me, I was stuck reviewing for my math exam. I spent every morning before first period doing math problems. I went around asking all the smartest HMST students for help. When exam time rolled in, I was pretty much stressed out. After my math exam redo, I had felt pretty confident in achieving that 70%. Guess what? With my luck, I ended up with a 60%. My heart fell through my ass when I heard my results. It would mean that I would get kicked out of the school. However, right after I got the news, the HMST director told me that she would let me stay. I don’t know what came over her, but I’m glad it did. It meant that I could stay in this high school but I wouldn’t be allowed to stay in the HMST program. I mean – truth be told – I was a bit disappointed. I had reviewed for months only to find out that I did worse on the exam redo than on the original exam. Plus, all my closest friends were in the honours program, and I’d miss being in all their classes. In the end, I was just glad that everything turned out pretty well. My birthday was spent with my best friends, and my final average was decent. I ended up slipping and got an 87.5% on my final average. Summer Break was here though, and I wasn’t going to let a 3% drop affect me.

Lazy summer. I ended up sitting on my buttocks in front of my computer for large portions of the day. I went out a couple of times, though. Since I missed the beginning of FIFA 2010, I thought I would make it up by watching all the matches that took place in July. Well, not really. The first match I watched was Uruguay vs. Ghana. I believe it was the quarter-finals. Let me just say that I pretty much fell in love with the goalie and a couple players on Uruguay’s side. Anywho, I was pretty glad with the outcomes. However, I had hoped that Brazil would have made it to the semi-finals. Plus, what was with Germany loosing against Spain? Complete bullshit. Despite the fact that the Netherlands didn’t win, July was pretty amazing because of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Lazy month again. I went out a couple of times, and did some stuff here and there. Nothing really interesting.

The beginning of junior year in my high school life! I was pretty nervous about coming back considering that it would be my first year as a normal student and not an HMST student. I had wanted some things to be a surprise, so I basically told a couple of people that I would never be coming back. Haha. On the first day of school, I went out for sushi with a couple of friends, and went to pick up my schedule for the year. It was nice to see people being so surprised that I was still here. Anyways, the first month was pretty crap. First period, I had one friend and we weren’t that close. Second period, my teacher was crap and so was the course. Luckily, one of my best friends was with me. Fourth period was a good class, but I hate the people in it. Last period was absolute hell since I had no idea what was going on. This was going to be a long year for me.

I had thought this semester was going to be hell. Luckily for me, things started looking up. Classes got a bit more fun to be in, and things were getting better. My grades weren’t the best, but they were good enough.

November was basically a repeat of October. Time was zooming by and things had to get done. I had got my report card, and my average was pretty crap. 3/4 of the courses were okay, but my networking average had dragged my grade down by a lot. Here’s when I hope and pray that next semester will be better.

Pretty much the same as the last two months. School is still hectic even if I’m out of HMST. I guess things have slowed down a bit, but it’s still not at as slow as I had expected it to be. Everything was pretty much in a rush since the winter break was coming along and teacher’s had to get a lot of things done. The holiday assembly took place on the last day of school (17th), and it was pretty good. Some acts were boring, but there are always those funny and entertaining ones.

… and now here I am, in the middle of winter break and typing this long post. I guess that’s what happens when you’re procrastinating and don’t want to do your networking labs. I’ll be going out some more next week to celebrate birthdays and just to hang out though. Hopefully, this coming year will be amazing.

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