Posted by: rainbowclovers | January 29, 2011

I quit.

No, I’m not quitting WordPress, even though it seems like I did.

During the Winter Holidays, I actually was going to post a lot of stuff. I was going to have a Christmas update, and other stuff. But then my family (my dad and I) got angry at each other during the holidays, and I ended up having drafts upon drafts of lists I made. The lists were basically the things that my dad do that irk me, things that people do to irk me, and other things that bother me in life.

I ended up not posting them because by the time I was halfway through the list, my friends came along and cheered me up. I didn’t feel the need to share my awful times with the world anymore.

Anyways, it’s the end of first semester now!

It’s currently exam period, and let’s just say … things are not great.

My SAP exam went alright, so I’m hoping it can bring my mark back to it’s original state. My networking exam was pretty well done compared to the rest of the class. Unfortunately for me, my networking grade still dropped. By a lot.

I tried not to let that get to me, and it didn’t. My parents took me out for a buffet after my networking exam, and I just let it go.

Things couldn’t get worse? They did.

I took my Economics exam yesterday and I totally blew it. I wouldn’t be pretty darn surprised if I got a 65%. As well, the projects and essays I’ve worked so hard on only earned me a shit grade. The project I worked on until 4 a.m in the morning brought me back a 74%. The essay I spent countless hours researching for only gave me an 80.5%. So it looks like my Economics grade is pretty much down the drain as well.

My only hope now is for Law class. My mark has been pretty stable, and I’m pretty sure it’s still going up. I have two days to study for my Law exam, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to do well. Since 3/4 of my classes have crap grades now, I might as well try and make up for it in Law class.

With that being said, my average this semester is pretty much gone as well. Goodbye honour roll. </shot>

Anyways, second semester soon. That’s just what I need. A fresh start.


  1. I know it’s tough out there and it probably doesn’t feel like it now, but you’ll see that grades are not the most important things in life.

    • Sorry about the late reply. I saw this message the day you replied, but I just never had the time to respond.

      + I hope that realization is gonna hit me soon 😦

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