Posted by: rainbowclovers | May 14, 2011


Wow, it feels like it’s been ages since I last posted on this site. I don’t know why but I guess I just lost interest. This is exactly what I didn’t want since the beginning. I didn’t want to lose motivation for updating this blog because I wanted to keep something like a journal. I wanted to be able to type out all the “interesting” things in my life so I can remember them. I guess the only way I can be motivated again is if I restart a whole new blog … and I would if I didn’t have near 200 entries on this one. I’d feel like I’d be throwing so much away. I guess the good thing about these internet blog sites are that they’ll still be here fifty years from now, eh?

Anyways, for some odd reason, I’m still receiving some views on this blog which is questionable since I haven’t posted in over a month or two? I guess the only reason I’m back is because I noticed my friend, Alikiya, has been updating her blog recently again and I felt the need to join too. Her life seems far more interesting than mines though.

Since the last time I posted, quite a bit has changed. I was talking about how accounting was boring but I was still achieving high grades. Well, now … it’s still boring, but my grade managed to drop more than 10 percent from what it was before. It’s still relatively high, but it could have been better. I guess I just really started slacking and trial balances and ledger accounts just weren’t my thing. Other than that, English class is still a horrid period for me but I’m doing fairly well in it. I hope I can boost my English mark by another couple percents by the end of the semester. Chemistry class is finally looking up. Since I’m more of a calculations person than a theory person, the stoichiometry unit really boosted my mark since I got two 90s and two perfects on my quizzes. I did better on that unit test than any other test, and all my assignments were receiving decent grades as well. Math is progressively getting worse as well. From one of the highest marks to a pretty crappy one, I dropped by around 10 percent in this class as well. Sigh. I want to say that grades aren’t everything, but university acceptance seems like such a competitive thing that I don’t want to fall behind. It doesn’t help that my mom is constantly nagging at me to get my lazy ass off the computer and my face into my books. Speaking of that …

I haven’t had a real conversation with my mom in over two days? Why? Because her nagging has finally gotten to me. I mean, I get that she wants the best for me, I really do. But here’s my side of the situation that happened on Wednesday night. So, I had a math quiz on Thursday. I felt very confident about it since I finished most of the practice questions at school and I understood everything. That night, around 10:00 P.M, I was on MSN helping my friend with her math problems. I was explaining how to do problems and just guiding her through questions. I figured that if I can explain it, and we can help each other, we’d both be able to ace the quiz. So while I’m there typing, my mom comes over to see my sheet hasn’t even had one side of it filled with math work. Why? Because I already did it at school and what I had on my desk was merely extra practice. Anyways, she started going crazy and telling me to shut off my MSN and get working. I refused because I wanted to continue helping my friend and I was still chatting with my other friends as well. Later on, she went to bed and here comes the crazy part. As she is laying in bed, she is STILL screaming at me, telling me I’m stupid, useless, failure at life, easily distracted, and that I’ll fail the math quiz tomorrow. I mean, normally, I’d be used to it since I hear her rude nagging so often. For some reason though, I actually snapped this time. It’s one thing to hear it once in a while, but to constantly insult your own daughter is just annoying. So, I decided to ignore her. It’s always been her who ignores me because she thinks I’m disobedient, but really … it’s about time I get a say in this. Not to toot my own horn, but I honestly think I’m one of the most obedient children. Compared to my “smart friends who will definitely make it into university”, I’m far from disobedient. I kind of feel bad for ignoring her, but I guess I was just so frustrated with the constant insults.

On another note, my high school has had two assemblies since the last time I updated. The first one was the multicultural assembly. In my freshman year, I was very fascinated by the performances. It was my first year at the school, and the shows were amazing since so many different cultures performed so many interesting dances and songs. In my sophomore year, I was very disappointed. They did an airplane theme so it felt like we were traveling to many countries on an airplane. So, the theme was very well designed, but the performances were horrible since only two cultures were presented: Indian and Russian culture. Don’t get me wrong, I think Indian and Russian performances are interesting. However, if I’m watching ten Indian dances back-to-back, I’ll want to throw tomatoes at the stage. Anyways, this year, I wasn’t very excited for the show since I figured it’d be Bollywood reborn again. However, a Korean guy in my math class was said to be performing a duet and it was the most anticipated performance of the entire show. Even teachers were waiting to see it. So, on the day of the show, I was sitting there, excited. When the MCs announced that a Korean girl group dance was next, I was ecstatic. The curtains opened … and then they closed. They were cut from the show. Why? Because these Russian girls were crying backstage complaining this was their senior year and they won’t have their time to shine if the Korean dance group were to perform. I wouldn’t have mind if these Russian girls could sing. They came out and were practically booed off the stage. Ugh. Anyways, because their damn song took so long, the Korean duet was cut from the show as well. Fortunately for them, there were two shows, so the duet and the dance were definitely in for the second showing. Unfortunately for me, I was only able to watch the first show. I definitely missed the best multicultural assembly in my three years of being at this school. So while others got to see cool performances, I, once again, saw 10 Indian dances and a bunch of Russian girls who can not sing.

Then, yesterday, our school had the talent show. I was bracing myself for another crap load of performances who have no talent (not that I have any). Luckily, the performances were mostly pretty good. We had a band who called themselves “Far North Movement” and they sang Far East Movement’s song called “Rocketeer”. People played the piano, sang some amazing solo performances, or did some gymnastic stuff. Personally though, I felt as though the Filipino dance crew were the best. They had a dance crew of around 10 people and they danced to Bruno Mar’s “Lazy Song” as well as a medley of songs. They, along with Far North Movement, were the best, in my opinion.

Finally, a lot of new songs have been released, so here are my current most played songs:

Jin released a mixtape a while back and it was pretty good, so that’s a good listen. Plus, my husband, Jay Park, has released his mini-album and it’s amazing. He’s been winning all those awards and crap on those Korean programs? Haha. Yep. 🙂


  1. i need to come back! i’m so bad, still haven’t finished my review of hi my sweetheart!!! i hope you told your mom that you filled that sheet out in school, lol. yes, they do tend to yell and nag.

    • I know! I thought you quit and there would be no way for me to find you again, haha. You should finish that whenever you have the time! I heard Rainie has a new drama too.

      I didn’t tell her, but it’s all whatever, haha. It’s all blown over now anyways. 😛

      • ooh nice, i wanna watch her new one! any idea what it’s called?

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