Posted by: rainbowclovers | June 13, 2011


School is basically over for the semester. Aside from the exams, I pretty much finished everything. I finished my last test on Friday, and handed in my last assignment today. I am officially off until Friday. Friday will be my English exam. After the weekends, I have my accounting exam, chemistry exam, and math exam. After my math exam, I’ll once again be free until the 30th which is when I’ll be going back to school to get my report card. I hope to get something done during that time. Maybe do some volunteering, or catching up on the millions of books I have yet to read. Then, after report cards, I’m officially starting summer school. I’m hoping it’ll be amazing because it sure seems like it will be. I’ll finally be going to school with my best friend who I haven’t gone to school with in over three years. Plus, we haven’t even seen much of each other for a while. I’ll also be schooling with another very close friend of mines and that would be nice. Plus, three of my day school friends will be with me, so that seems fun.

This summer, I really want to enjoy myself before senior year in high school. Read, go out more with my friends, etc … I haven’t been to Wonderland in a long time, and it’d be nice to revisit some of those amusement parks. Plus, I think I might do some volunteer work at CNE. I really want to go visit Hong Kong again this summer, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll happen. Hopefully I’ll be able to go to Hong Kong or Japan in the summer of 2012.

Anyways …

My birthday is coming up in 11 days? It’s the 24th. I don’t think I want to do anything for my birthday this year. In fact, I never actually do want to do much on my birthdays. Every year, I feel like I just want to sit back and do nothing and just age. Haha. Oh well. Even though I’m lazy, I also do feel like doing something for it … to at least enjoy myself.

Not much else to say.

I originally wanted to rant about this  friend I have who’s been acting like a turd lately, but I’m not in the mood to. I’ve decided to let it go.

Oh!! Recently, I’ve been finishing up some dramas which were fairly interesting.

“Yes Sir, Sorry Sir” had one of my favourite male and female actors. I had thought it’d be a good drama, but it was fairly disappointing. I mean, Linda Chung did really good, but the other characters in the drama were horribly written.

“My Sister the Eternal Flower” … I think that’s what it’s called, was also okay. It stars my favourite Hong Kong actress. Unfortunately, she was forced to play a role of someone with a mental state of a 10 year old. She’s talented, but let’s just say that wasn’t her best performance. However, the main lead actor, Raymond Lam, did amazing. Plus, his opening theme for the drama sounded amazing.

Raymond Lam – You Light Up My Life

Other than the theme, the drama was alright.

However, the most recent drama I’ve been watching is called Ghetto Justice. It stars one of my favourite actors as well, Kevin Cheng. Unfortunately, the main female lead is played by this actress I really hate. She’s over-dramatic, not easy to look at, and bleh. On the bright side, the plot is very interesting and it’s worth your time to watch.

Other than those dramas, I don’t think there’s much else.

Leaving with a song I’ve been listening to lately …


  1. very cool, seems like you’ve got your summer figured out! and nice music, i tend to check out and like the stuff you listen to, hehe. here’s hoping you’ll have more time to spend with friends and go to fun places!

    • Pretty much! Any plans for the summer? 🙂

      Really?! It’s rare to get people complimenting the music I listen to, haha. I don’t upload that much music videos on here, do I?

      + Thank you! Same to you 🙂

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