Posted by: rainbowclovers | June 14, 2011

An Abundance of Insults

Normally, I’d rant about how much my mom pisses me off. However, I figure since my “Poems” link is rather empty, I’d write a poem about my anger.



Never good enough for you,
always asking for more.

Never enough to please you,
always criticizing my decisions for being very poor.

It seems all I ever do,
is listen to you rant.

Why can’t you take a step back and try to understand?

I don’t ask for horrible grades,
I mean, who really would?

So why do you insult my intellect,
which mother really should?

I’m sick and tired of your constant nagging,
it’s really getting on my nerves.

I know my intelligence may be lacking,
but your attitude is worse.

Do my 90 marks not matter?
Why do you focus on the bad?

I’m sorry for the occasional 70,
but I was actually quite glad.

That test was quite hard,
and I thought I’d fail for sure.

No need to constantly bitch,
I can hear you loud and clear.

Quite frankly, you’re like an itch …
something I can no longer bare.

Comparing me to my friends,
may seem motivational to you,

But to me, you seem like an ignorant fool,
I don’t know what to do.

So I kindly ask for you to stop.

Stop insulting me.

Stop comparing me.

Stop getting on my nerves.

There’s only so much insults I can take,
before I want to scream.

I’m beginning to plan violent acts,
but be glad they’re only in my dreams.



  1. hahahaha, really looks like you had fun with this one, i liked it! and as for summer plans, i’m working and attending at least one wedding. yes, i’m at that age where my friends are getting engaged and married left and right.

    • Yes, I did have fun with this, haha. It’s nice to rant without it having to be paragraphs after paragraphs of anger.

      Oh, that’s cool. What’s your summer job going to be?
      Haha, you make yourself sound too old.

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