Posted by: rainbowclovers | July 2, 2011

Ahh, sweet summer!

Summer break has officially started. Well, technically, it started for me on June 22nd right after my last exam, but I’ve been slacking when it comes to updating this blog. Anyways, since exams, everything has been pretty good.

My first exam was for English. I did fairly decent but it probably wasn’t my best work. I got an 88% on the exam which means my final mark dropped by one percent to 94%. Next, my accounting exam was done better than I expected. To be honest, I expected nothing more than a 75% since I felt like I hardly studied but I ended up with a 86% on the exam and a 93% on the final independent study project. My final accounting grade improved by two percent since the last report card update. The exam right after accounting was for chemistry. During the exam, I felt like I was shitting bricks since I hardly understood anything. For literally 90% of the multiple choice, I took guesses and there was only a selected few questions out of approximately 70 questions that I truly understood. I ended up getting a 73% on the exam, which is pretty crappy, but better than the fail I was expecting. My last exam was for math. During the exam, I was pretty confident but once I started comparing answers, I felt hopeless. Luckily, I pulled through, and my final math mark improved by three percent since the last reporting period. Overall speaking, my exam grades could have been better, but at least my overall average went up.

In three days, I’ll be attending Summer School. It isn’t because I failed but because I want to get ahead; get an extra credit or something. Plus, if everything goes well, I hope the grade I earn in Summer School will be a good one. I’m hoping for a high grade, but I don’t want to exactly get my hopes up too high.

I don’t want to keep this an all-text post, so here’s a new song by Hyuna ft. Junhyung and G.NA called “A Bitter Day”.

To be honest, I feel as though it should have been G.NA ft. HyunA and Junhyung since G.NA’s voice covers a large part of the song. However, to be honest, what I really listen for is Junhyung’s rap. </dreamysigh>. Overall speaking though, the song sounds pretty darn good. I tend to fall in love with songs that have nice vocals and awesome rapping.

While we’re on the topic, one of my husbands idols has officially started dating. Junhyung (from the above song), a member of B2ST, has entered a relationship with Goo Hara from KARA. I’m not going to lie, I almost popped a vein. I want to say that I could be one of those fans who totally support his love life and want him to be happy, but I rather have him be happy with me I just can’t do it. Sigh, I’m such a possessive girl, haha. I really hate it that my bias in any group is always the most popular one among the ladies. In the J-pop group, NEWS, Yamashita Tomohisa was my number one bias and first idol I really liked. He was the first to have rumours circulating about a girlfriend. Then, I started really getting into the K-pop group, SHINee. My ultimate bias there was Kim Jonghyun, and BAM … he gets a girlfriend. Luckily, they broke up a while back. Now, when I’m finally getting into B2ST, my bias there gets a girlfriend. Well, in all honesty, it was kind of expected since he seemed to have hinted a lot in terms of dating someone. It’s just … when the news came out about who the girl was, it was kind of a shocker. Apparently, pictures of him crying were recently leaked onto the internet. Whether it was because of fans disapproval or because of Cube Entertainment’s rules against dating is still unknown. Oh well. He’s still pretty. Right?

So my birthday recently passed on June 24th. It was pretty uneventful though I’m not complaining. I spent the day walking around a mall shopping for my friend’s boyfriend. It was extremely tiring since she took me around the mall around three times. Everything I picked out for her boyfriend, she’d reject the idea. It turns out, when she got home and asked if she’d like what I picked, her boyfriend was very happy and said that my ideas were not bad. On the bright side, she got me a red hoodie for my birthday gift which I wanted since many months ago. Unfortunately, it’s also summer time, and that hoodie is going to end up in my closet for another couple of months before the seasons change again and I can wear it without sweating buckets. My mom actually got me a really awesome gift. I got a tank top and ripped jeans from American Eagle and they both look really nice in my opinion. Usually, I get $200 from my grandpa every year, but this year … he forgot about me. Oh well, it just means my dad’s going to have to reach into his wallet more. Hehe.

On my birthday, 2NE1 released a new song called “I am the Best”. I’ll be honest, that song was … not their best. I’m not a fan of them or their music, but they do occasionally come out with some catchy songs. “Go Away” and “Lonely” wasn’t that bad, but this new song was questionable. However, my husband Jay Park, being the fanboy he is, really loved it and I thought his mini version of it was quite adorable.

Aside from that song, a couple other songs which are out recently are:

The music video for the above song was kind of unexpected especially from Selena Gomez. However, the song is pretty catchy despite the fact that the lyrics are kind of lame.

Hot Summer by f(x) is pretty catchy. I’ve been getting into f(x) lately and I think they’re really good. I still get a bit confused about who’s Sulli and who’s Luna though. Krystal, Amber, and Victoria are my favourites and I like that these girls are unique in their own way and their music is fun.

This summer, what I really want to do is finish up on all the series that I started but never finished. Maybe if I make a list, I’ll be more motivated to do it. Here goes …

  • Finish reading Inuyasha the Manga. I’m on chapter 300 something and there’s a total of 558 (?) chapters. I think the manga is actually interesting, but the fillers really get to me sometimes and makes me lose interest for a while.
  • Watch Inuyasha (the first and second season). When the second season was released, I was beyond excited especially because Inuyasha and Kagome was said to finally get together. I’m really excited to see this.
  • Finish “Kimi ni Todoke”. I’m half way through the second season, but Sawako’s character is so annoying that it makes me lose interest.
  • Finish Maid-sama. I completely forgot which episode I’m on but I want to finish it since the storyline doesn’t seem that bad.
  • Finish “You’re Beautiful” the K-drama. Again, I’m about halfway through the series but with schoolwork rolling it, I put it on pause. The story is actually interesting and it’s the first and only K-drama I watched/started so I want to finish it.
  • Finish “Buzzer Beat” the J-dorama which stars my husband Yamashita Tomohisa. I used to be in love with J-doramas especially if they star my lover. Haha. The story was unique since it’s about basketball and the romance-comedy was very light and sweet too. It was pretty good.
  • A new K-drama is coming out soon called “You’ve Fallen for Me”. Normally, I’m a big downer about K-dramas since I feel they’re a bit boring and drag on for too long, but since this one stars two of the people from “You’re Beautiful”, I really want to watch it. The story sounds pretty typical, but it looks good. So does the main guy.
  • Read the whole series of “Ouran High School”. I watched the anime many years ago, and I was in love with it. I heard that the manga was completed, and I hope that maybe the scans are still available online for me to read.
  • Finish “Crescendo” the novel. A friend bought me the book for Christmas and I only read around ten to twenty pages. The main character, Patch, was really awesome in the first book, and I want to catch up on how he’s doing in this second book, Crescendo.
  • Finish “Heist Society” and it’s second book.
  • Read Sarah Dessen’s new book called “What Happened to Goodbye”.

Now that I think about it, that list never seems to end since I still have over 287594359 other books I want to read but never seem to find the time for. It’s probably because Tumblr and the internet is so addicting I can’t step away from it to read. By the by, if anyone is still reading … my Tumblr is here. Please browse around and follow me if you have a Tumblr!

Another song for a small break from my babble:

That was a cover for P!nk’s song, but I personally feel his version is a lot better. Normally, I don’t like covers, but Travis Garland won me over.

Alright, I honestly have so much more to say, but I have to go out with my family now. Maybe I’ll do another mindless babble later on in the day.

I just spent my whole morning waiting for my friend to come online so we can chat and play games, but this lazy turd has yet to show up. Sigh.

Alright, I’m out. 🙂


  1. LOLOL, I like how the only place you actually mention me is when you call me a turd. );

  2. lol, always love reading and music! sometimes i wanna be young again and in your shoes and dream of celeb guys to marry, hehe. hope you are finding ways to stay cool in this summer heat. 🙂

    • Really? My friends were complaining how this post seemed like it was a novel and that reading all those books would be impossible for me. Haha.

      & Seriously? I’m sure you’re not as old as you make yourself seem, haha. Besides, you’re never to old to have celebrity husbands, LOL.

      + Thanks. Hope you’re enjoying this summer too! 🙂

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