Posted by: rainbowclovers | July 8, 2011

Summer School!

Quite frankly, I don’t know why I put an exclamation mark in that title. Summer school isn’t all that great and exciting as I hoped it would be.

Summer school has officially started. Technically, it started on the Tuesday of this week but things were kind of rushy-rushy. On the first day, it was announced that there would be a quiz the next day and a test the day after. I mean, I understand that the whole curriculum was going to be shortened into 19 or so days and I realized that things would be cramped for time, but I guess the fact that I’m going to be tested everyday just kinda blows. I already had my first quiz. I didn’t do that well, but what’s done is done. The test was okay, I guess. I don’t know how I did yet though. I finished every question and the results will be in on Monday. Next week, I’ll have a quiz on Monday, a quiz on Tuesday, a test on Wednesday, and a midterm exam on Thursday.

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been sleeping much lately. I know summer school is a bit more chill than regular school, but I still don’t want to do poorly so I’m still losing some sleep hoping that I can get a decent grade. Ah well, it’ll be over by the end of the month. Next month is all about bonding time with my bed and computer.

These past couple of days since summer school started has been kind of ugh for me. Busing home from summer school is horrible compared to busing home from my regular day school and the heat is killing me. Inside the classroom, it’s very cool with the air conditioning, but once I step outside, I feel like I’m being barbequed. The 45-minute lunch break also annoys me as well. In day school, my lunch break is 80 minutes and now it’s been cut down by so much. Everything is so rushed. In terms of the course, it’s not as easy as everyone says it would be. People told me that this course, Data Management, would be fairly simple, but it’s not. I mean, it’s not necessarily complicated, but my teacher doesn’t actually … teach. He hands us a booklet and copies the exact examples from that booklet onto the board and guides us through the solutions which is pretty much useless. He speaks very slowly, has an accent, and is very unclear with his instructions. Sigh.

Aside from the course itself, everything else is okay. I go to school with three of my regular day school friends which is great. As well, my best friend goes to the same summer school as me and it’s great since I would usually only see her like five times a year. Plus, I have another close friend of mines who’s in the same class as me, so things are alright.

Recently, 2PM came out with a new song called “Hands Up”. I’ll admit, I didn’t really like the song at first and the song sounded pretty stupid, but it is very catchy.

Everyone put your hands up and get your drinks up! … it’s catchy stuff.

Also, HyunA has a new song called “Bubble Pop”. There’s been a lot of comments and controversy about the music video and how HyunA was dressed in it. Some say she dressed very slutty and some say it’s just sexy. I personally think there’s a fine line between sexy and dressing like a slut. HyunA is on that edge of that line and falling into slutty. No bias or anything, but I feel that they always seem to promote HyunA in a way that’s very sexual instead of letting her explore other aspects that are more cute, classy, beautiful, or simply pretty. The song itself sounds pretty dumb again, but it’s catchy too.

But really, my favourite song that came out recently was from Dumbfoundead. I don’t really have words for it because it’s just that awesome.

Not much else to say.

I’m off to watch my Hong Kong dramas, haha.

Oh! Hong Kong drama recommendation: Wax and Wane.
Yeah, the title sounds weird, but the story-line’s amazing.


  1. actually recently i saw that bubble pop mv and to me she just looks americanized and like she’s trying too hard for a certain image. i dunno. beats me.

    • Yeah, that’s very true too! But I’m a bit biased since I never really liked HyunA all that much, haha.

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