Posted by: rainbowclovers | July 19, 2011


I’m currently too lazy to type a long post, so here’s a stupid little poem/blurb to summarize.

I’m lazy,

I want to do nothing today.

But I can’t.

Summer school blows.

No time to rest,
all study.

I have a cold.
In summer.
Kill me now.




  1. awww, hope your cold gets better! also hoping that the A/C works where you are because it sure does not where i work, ergh. >.< i'll survive somehow though. i liked this poem. it's cute. ^.^

    • Yeah, it’s been two weeks, and I’m still coughing. At least the coughs are less frequent though.
      & Really?! No A/C in the summer really kills though, haha.

      + Thanks! Haha, I put no effort into it. LOL!

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