Posted by: rainbowclovers | November 13, 2011


This post is long overdue, but since I’m procrastinating like crazy right now…

Anyways, since my last update, not too much has changed. School’s been school but I have managed to pull up my biology grade. It was a 76% before but now it’s an flat 80%. It’s definitely still not as good as I wished it would be but I’m definitely working on it and I’m rather proud of how hard I had worked to be able to improve. My accounting mark did not change throughout the whole semester. It’s also not a great grade, but again, I’m working on it and I’m fairly confident it’ll be able to go up. My English grade is definitely not how I imagined it would be. I mean, the grade it is now is definitely not what someone would consider horrible, but I had really hoped that I would do better. Hopefully, by the end of this semester, it’ll reach the goal I had set for it.

Aside from school, university applications are coming up for me. This is my last year in high school! I honestly don’t know if I would even miss this place. I mean, high school is supposedly the best four years of your life but three years has past and I have yet to see this oh-so-amazing experience. I mean, the past years were not dull at all and there were some wonderful moments, but to say that they were the best years ever would be an overstatement. A lot of my friends have been saying that while we all wish to be off in university soon, we’ll all look back one day and realize that high school wasn’t as bad as how we think we’ll remember it. I guess they have a point, but at this very moment… all I can hope for is good grades and an acceptance letter or two into some good universities. The application process sounds fairly complex but nothing too difficult. I just hope I’m able to get everything right and give these universities a good impression. At this moment, I’m still not completely sure of what I want to go into which may not actually be that great. The application process starts very soon.

These last two days have been a complete bore. I felt tired, lazy, moody, confused, and frustrated. Somehow I don’t even have that much homework but just the thought of school and everything has probably been wearing me down. The two weeks before this were filled with quizzes, tests, assignments, and more assignments. I’ve started breaking out in some glorious pimples and all I want to do right now is grab some popcorn, lay down in bed, and watch some TV.

Anyways, since it’s been a while since I updated, a lot of new songs came out. The few songs that really stick out to me are:

1. SNSD – The Boys

I really liked the concept of the video. It’s so elegant and beautiful and not very similar to the concepts that they used to work with. SNSD seems so much more mature in “The Boys” and the song is pretty catchy too. The lyrics were unique and the dance was hypnotizing. I honestly find myself watching all their performances and still being stunned by how nice it is.

2. Jay Park – Girlfriend

I’ll be the first to say that I was probably the first person to hear that he was going to release a new single. As soon as allkpop tweeted about it, I had seen it on my friend’s phone and had rushed home after school to listen to the song. To be completely honest, I wasn’t that impressed by the song at first but it really did grow on me. I think I started really listening to it more when the MV came out and I was stunned by how simple and sweet it was. I really liked seeing Jay in such casual clothes and act in such a cute music video. His past music videos for “Abandoned” or “Tonight” were alright, but I really liked this one at lot more. His hair was hot here and so was he. I do have to admit, the kiss scene made me want to lock myself up in my room forever and ever until he somehow found a way to my lips too. Kidding! Not really.

3. T-ARA – Goodbye, Ok

This song was just released one or two days ago. There’s currently no MV for it, but it’s probably my favourite song on their new mini-album. Since their debut, I haven’t even watched anything related to T-ARA except B2ST’s performance of one of their songs. I didn’t have any opinions on their music since it seemed kind of boring. I have to say though, this song and mini-album was pretty good and fits perfectly under the type of music I enjoy listening to.

4. Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense

I really, really liked this music video and the whole concept that they came up with for this. Whether it is true or not, I’m not completely sure, but each girl was supposedly a character representing a sort of rebellion in the k-pop industry. For example, Ga-in was against the idea of girls who just sit around and look cute. She played a role like a female soldier who seemed powerful and sexy. Anyways, the song was catchy and fun. I was very disappointed to see that it took them so long to win a music award. To be completely honest as well, to see them lose to INFINITE was really annoying too. Nothing against INFINITE and their fans, but I felt that Brown Eyed Girls had taken two years to make a comeback, and they weren’t even recognized for their talents as soon as they should have.

Aside from those new releases, I’ve also been getting into more Raymond Lam music. I almost always download the songs that he sings for openings of dramas. I figured that since I normally like those songs, I should look into some more songs from him. I found:

1. Raymond Lam – Broken

I’m not completely sure when this song was released but it sounds really nice and it was on replay for the longest time.

2. Raymond Lam – CHOK

I first heard this song on a HK TV show called “What the Face Chok Chok Chok”. The title of the show sounds pretty dumb but it’s actually really funny. Recently, HK came up with a new slang word called “chok” which was first used on Raymond Lam. The meaning is basically someone who has a very cool looking face. For example, if someone were to say, “Wow, is face was so chok in that scene!” would mean that he looked very cool. The music video got really bad ratings on Youtube and a lot of people found the song to be crappy, but I personally thought it was an interesting concept for Raymond Lam. While the gangster look doesn’t suit him and the music video was awkward, the song itself is fun.

3. 試煉 MV – 林峯 Raymond Lam (HD 高清版)

This music video was used for his most recently drama titled, “Men with no Shadows”. The drama was pretty garbage if you asked me, but Raymond’s voice is angelic as always and I had to download the song.

Aside from these Raymond Lam and k-pop songs, I’ve also been listening to some oldies like Jesse McCartney, past songs by Mariah Carey, Tamia, and Pussycat Dolls.

OH! Random thought… but “Lives of Omissions” ended a while back but the opening and ending theme songs were catchy. They had a bit of rock mixed into them which isn’t normally songs I’d like but I felt that Michael Tse and Bosco did it really well, so here’s Michael’s music video for the opening theme song:

Bosco’s video got deleted but I’m sure if anyone really cares, they’ll be able to find it.

[casually slips into another topic]

Since last night, I’ve been obsessed with re-watching and discovering old WongFu videos. I had signed onto Youtube to see that WongFu had put up a almost 25 minute long video (split into two parts) on their journey to Taiwan to shoot for Leehom’s music video. I felt that watching them progress so much through the years is really amazing. I haven’t followed WongFu since the very beginning, but it has been a while. They had most recently gotten a lot of love and praise for their short called, “Strangers, again”. I was a fan of them about.. 432759843 videos before that. It’s definitely been a long journey for them and it did take them a long while to finally reach their one million subscriber. Anyways, watching their journey to Taiwan was really nice. I think it looked amazing and fun. Despite the fact that they worked long, hard hours on the music video pre-production, production, and editing, the idea of just traveling to another place to make a music video for an international pop star was amazing. I honestly think WongFu is so inspiring and their work is always so creative.

Aside from watching the stunning behind-the-scenes work, I was honestly pleased to see them working on a project that wouldn’t be in English. While I’ve seen their mini-series in HK, I haven’t seem much of WongFu themselves speaking their own language. Hearing Phil speak in Mandarin was really nice. Since I don’t want to flood this post with any more videos, I think people should go to their Youtube page and watch their last two videos. After hearing him speak Mandarin, I went to find if there were any other videos of them speaking in Cantonese/Mandarin. I managed to find these:

Unfortunately in the video above, Wesley’s Cantonese segment was edited out. It was honestly shocking to hear Ted speaking Mandarin since he rarely speaks his own language in comparison to Wesley and Philip.
I had always imagined that he would be the best at speaking his language though since his English never appeared to be as great as the other two.

Bottom line is, I feel that WongFu has progressed a lot. They look so much more mature now too. In two years, you can really see the difference in not only their looks but their projects. Watching Phil and Wesley work on Leehom’s video was really cool and interesting. They’re in inspiring and if I had the patience to learn, I feel that I would really enjoy a job like theirs. 🙂

Still quite a bit so say, but I should get going on my English Hamlet paper.

Feels great to be back!

My next post probably won’t be for a while but I’ll see, haha.



  1. oh did you see the wang leehom video they directed? it’s pretty good! (talking about wongfu of course, hehe)

    i’m not really a fan of snsd the boys. i get your point, but i also disagree with the message of the song and how the girls are portrayed. meh on that one.

    as for college, i actually always heard college years are the best four years of your life. i’ve never actually heard anyone comment on hs like that. my advice? don’t worry about molding yourself to get a college to like you. they should accept you for who you are and in the end, that’s the one you should choose.

    ik grades are high on your mind right now, but def. learn to appreciate the present moments as well. but gotta say, i’ve been exactly where you’ve been before as well and know where you’re coming from with how you are feeling about everything atm. hang in there, you’re gonna have your time to shine!

    • Hey! I happened to be online just as you replied. How rare.

      Yeah, I saw the video. It was pretty good; I think almost all of WongFu’s stuff is so simple and clean but so deep and interesting too.

      Ahaha, a lot of my friends actually agree with what you think of “The Boys”! To each their own, I guess, LOL.

      Oh really? I usually hear that highschool is the best four years. I guess it really depends on the person though. + Mhm. Grades shouldn’t matter THAT much, but I mean universities and colleges do look at them so I’m just tryna make it all count. Extra curriculars and relaxing-time are also some top priorities too, lol. 🙂

  2. I like SNSD’s The Boys too, good song and MV! 😀

    • Mhm! I’m glad you agree, haha.
      I just burned through a couple pages of your blog. K-pop fan? Haha, interesting stuff 🙂

      • Oh thanks!

        I like to write K-pop reviews because it’s getting me a lot of views -.-

      • LOL!
        If this was Facebook, I would totally your reply.
        I guess it’s true; so many K-pop crazies out there :’)

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