Posted by: rainbowclovers | January 25, 2012

Exam time!

Now that it’s the end of the semester, things are finally coming to a close.

I don’t know how else to describe the feeling but by saying it’s bittersweet. As much as I would love to start fresh with a new semester, I’ve grown too accustomed to this one. Plus, once next semester is finished, all my friends and I are off to different universities and paths and who knows when we’ll see each other next?

This semester gave me SBI4U first period (biology), BAT4M second period (accounting), lunch, a spare (no class), and ENG4U last period (English). At the beginning of the semester, it’d be a lie to say that I liked all my classes, the students in them, and the work assigned. I feared my teachers and how they would grade my work, whether or not they were biased and favoured certain students, or if they were those unprepared teachers who procrastinated more than I do. Some of that is still true.

At the end of the day though, Biology was really enjoyable. I loved the people in my class and how excited they were to learn, how funny they were, and the entire environment. My teacher was easy-going but fair. She gave a decent amount of work and assignments and I felt that she was a good teacher. It’s unfortunate that she’ll be leaving after this semester to go traveling. My accounting class could have been a lot better. Despite the fact that it’s an university/college course, one “level” lower than an university course, it’s the reason why my average isn’t at where I want it to be. The class was harder than it suggested and it was dreadful to say the least. I am SO glad that it’s over. English was the class that I entered feeling iffy about. As much as I liked the teacher, I couldn’t say the same about my classmates and the types of assignments I was told I would be doing. Now that the semester is ending though, I realized that my class was actually a lot better than I thought it to be. No one bothered me and I (hopefully) didn’t bother anyone. We all tried our hardest and I think we didn’t mind each others presence. My spare was meant for me to be able to do more work, get ahead, or just take some time to myself. Unfortunately, none of my close friends had a spare with me. On the other hand though, I befriended much more people and got close with past classmates that I never really spoke with. It was probably my most anticipated period of the day (aside from lunch! hehe). I will actually miss all my classmates, most of my teachers, and the fun that I have had.

Next semester will be waaay different from this one. I’ll have Economics first period, a spare second period, lunch, International Business fourth period, and then Canadian&International Law last period. I’m looking forward to all my classes (despite the fact that people tell me Law will be very difficult). Sigh.

Aside from courses, I am currently on my exam schedule. I just finished my English exam a couple of hours ago and now I should be prepping for my next exam on Friday for accounting. It’s my lowest mark and you would think that I would put more effort into the course but I’m not. WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF? My last exam will be next Tuesday for Biology. Then, I’ll have next Wednesday and Thursday off with Friday being exam-review/intro to next semester.

Putting school aside, let’s talk about Universities…

I have currently been accepted into 1/4 of the universities that I applied to. The one school that accepted me was my last-option university. I guess it’s better than nothing and I should just be glad that an university even accepted my sorry ass. A lot of my friends and classmates have slowly been accepted into my first-choice university and it’s making me very nervous. There’s still a lot of time left before deadlines for acceptances but I feel like I’m slowly losing confidence in myself. What am I doing wrong? Sigh.

Anyways, in the last week or so, there’s been a lot of buzz about seven teens who beat up one Asian boy who’s 17 years old. If you wish, you can watch the video on Youtube. A lot of famous Youtubers have made response videos to the attack and I think they really hit some of the key points.

David So’s response:

Though David’s response was funny yet deep and meaningful, I really, really liked that J. Reyez had to say:

The whole attack video was just hard to watch. I don’t understand the need to beat someone up, especially to that degree. Though it was said that the Asian boy had initiated the fights months ago, it’s still not right to retaliate. Though, I’ll admit, maybe fighting back gives you the satisfaction now but will you still feel that proud later on?

On another note, I think I’m starting to really like HyunA and 4minute’s songs. It’s a pretty old video/song, but here’s “Mirror Mirror”:

I should get going on studying (or get distracted by movies) but yeeah…

P.S – It’s my first time attempting to add a poll into my posts. If you can, please vote! 🙂

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