Posted by: rainbowclovers | January 31, 2012


Quite frankly, I think disappointment is one of the worst feeling ever; whether it’s in yourself or by others.

I just finished all my exams for the semester.

My first exam was for English and it went fairly well. I don’t want to jinx it, but I do hope that it allows me to maintain my current mark.

My second exam was for Accounting. At first, I thought I did fairly well but then the rest of the exam was iffy. I ended up leaving one question completely blank. In all fairness though, I kind of gave up on accounting so I won’t beat myself up too bad for that exam unless it drops my mark even lower than it was (then I’ll cry a gallon of tears).

My last exam, which I just completed a few hours ago, was for Biology. I studied a fair amount and I was fairly confident walking into the exam. Well… I ain’t feeling that anymore. That was probably the dumbest exam in the history of exams. Honestly, I was tested on the finer details that we hardly focused on as much throughout the course. Looking back at the exam review guidelines, a lot of crap that we were told to study wasn’t even on the damn exam or it was completely different from how it was thought to be. Then, looking back at my notes throughout the semester, the things that were on the exam were concepts that we briefly touched upon or took up half a line on four pages of chapter notes. I’m pissed. I wasn’t expecting much. All I wanted was an 80% so I can maintain my current grade, but now I’d be lucky to even pass the damn exam. *flipsdesk*

And it doesn’t stop there… not only did I feel like I flunked that exam despite the hours I invested in it, everyone else in my class seemed to think it was a breeze. Despite the fact that we were given 2 and a half hours to complete the exam, a lot of people took only one hour or one and a half hours. I don’t know whether they thought it was extremely easy or they just didn’t know what to do anymore. Whatever the case, I feel like that exam was killer. Not fair. At all.

I’m now considering filling in my spare period next semester with another course to boost my average.

Or… I don’t sleep next semester and somehow get a 95% in every class.

Or… I give up now and just not go to any university since I clearly won’t be accepted into any of the schools I actually want to be accepted into.


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