Posted by: rainbowclovers | February 24, 2012


An hour or so ago, I  posted a rant on why I hate librarians and my recent encounter with a horrible one. However, I have deleted it.

Anyways, I realized I wanted to start a new blog recently and I’m planning on either restarting it here on WordPress or moving to Blogspot.

I want that post I made earlier to go on the new blog I’ll be starting. That, or I’ll be deleting it permanently since it was boring, long, and unnecessary (I just wanted to rant). Sorry (if you subscribed to me), and got an email about the new post.

I don’t think I’m relocating soon (but maybe within a month or two) so I’ll still update here for the time being.

Anyways, I have a ton of work to do.

Here’s a video:

The song is titled “Heaven” by Ailee. She’s amazing!



  1. cool song! is she kpop? she’s got a pretty voice. btw, i read through that whole librarians rant and thought it was hilarious! you should definitely re-post it, hehe.

    • Yeah, that was a k-pop song. I don’t know if she’s from America though since she can sing in English fluently. & Haha, I think I lost the post but at least you read it still 🙂

      • lol, if you really want it again, i still have it sitting in my inbox. but that’s ok if you don’t want to repost it.

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