Posted by: rainbowclovers | March 25, 2012

A week after the end of March Break, baby! [Part 2]

Clearly this is long overdue.

Uh, not much has happened.

March Break was a horror story. I wanted to finish my International Business project, get cracking on all my other assignments, and have time to chill with my friends. What really happened was that I ended up getting a goddamn cold. I coughed for the entire week and each cough basically pierced my chest and I was sick in bed. Then I found out that an incident a couple months back  had caused a joint in my hand to break and the liquids inside to seep  out, and thus causing a large bump in my hand to form between my index finger’s knuckle and my middle finger’s knuckle. Yipee.

Not only that, the International Business project, in which I was partnered up with my friend, was not as easy as it had seemed. It took us so long to find just decent information on NAFTA and all the details that our teacher wanted us to cover. I ended up not getting to much other work.

But now that March Break is over, we’re officially back to school.

The first week back was great for me (ish). Some shit happened here and there causing me to want to rip out a lot of people’s throats, but I’M HAPPY. I SHALL. BE. HAPPY. 🙂

I basically got accepted into all the universities that I applied for and now I’m extremely excited for the next steps. Unfortunately, with the next steps… I also have to choose between which university I actually want to go to. At first, I was really set on University A, but after much more research, it appears that the program I applied for may not be the best one. The school is much more engineering/medicine based whereas my program is more social sciences/business based. However, the school’s still great and I do want to live away from home and on campus (really experience the university life, ya’know?). My other option includes one that is downtown (which is probably an hour’s commute from home). The school’s great and so is the program, BUT… I heard the university courses and teachers are extremely difficult. While I don’t mind a challenge here and there, I’d prefer not to get booted out in my first year… Another option is once again a great school and a great program, but I’d be extremely far away from home and I don’t know anyone who’s going there. Starting a new life… good and bad. My last option is an university that’s basically a five minute drive from home. The campus is pretty nice, and the program is too. However, it’s notoriously known for having a lot of incidents such as rape and murder on residence and whatnot (not that I would be living on residence if I’m so close to home). As well, the quality of education is always in question because of how weak it is and how easy it is as well. I don’t know. I definitely wouldn’t mind it (considering I can go home everyday) and everything… but if I had to choose, I think I’d choose University A/B.

Whatever. I’m not moping. And while it’s a hard decision, I’m definitely not complaining about it either. I’m glad that I even have the choices I have now ~

All will hopefully play out in the near future.

On another note…

I dyed my hair.

It’s not exactly the biggest news of the century, but ever since Middle School, my friends have been pressuring me to dye my hair. Now, four years into high school, I finally did it. I had gotten a hair-cut over March Break and it turned out to look hideous. In a desperate attempt to cover up the nasty cut, I dyed it purple. Unfortunately, since my hair was REALLY black before, the purple is hard to see and so my hair just looks brown-red-purple. LOL!

I officially finished with the drama I talked about last time (The Hippocratic Crush). The ending was pretty simple and sweet and apparently they’re planning on filming a season 2! Super excited for that. There’s a new drama now called “Daddy Good Deeds”. It has a really good cast and the story’s really good so far as well. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the series.

Not much else, so… videos! I haven’t done a random spam of videos in a while! (Right? I haven’t, right? I don’t remember…)

It’s pretty long, but the video’s cute. It’s from a while back, but everyone was really funny in this 🙂

SHINee’s back! Long-awaited comeback! I miss them and their new songs (the ones performed) were really catchy. They have a couple other songs too, but eh…

Recently, my friend has gotten me into Ellen’s videos such as the Hidden Camera ones above! This one is pretty old and the newer ones are equally as funny. But David Beckham is gorgeous, and he’s so great at doing the prank.

A while back, I was really into “The Big Bang Theory”. I ended watching a whole season in one day. Since I’ve gotten really busy, I’ve stopped watching. But the above clip is really funny!

I’m not sure if I ever posted this. The video’s pretty old but I just saw it in my playlist and had to (re)post it! Too funny!

Recently, I’ve been watching MBLAQ’s Sesame Player. Episode 3 was one of the best!

A couple days ago, Toronto held a K-pop concert! Unfortunately, I was too busy and didn’t get to attend (even though my friend offered me a ticket! :() Brian Joo was there and I youtube’d his appearance. He seems so chill ~

Apparently, Punk’d is back with a new season! I can’t wait. This is one of the clips!

Not much else…

So bye 🙂



  1. congrats on the all the college choices! i knew you could do it!

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