Posted by: rainbowclovers | May 27, 2011

Because my weekend plans will ruin my life …

I am so fucking angry. When it comes to my parents, I always get angry but this time, I think they’ve honestly pushed it a bit too far.

In March, I had asked my parents if I was allowed to go to Anime North over the weekend of May 27th to 29th. I wanted to go to take a look at my best friend’s art booth since she’ll be selling her products this year. I also wanted to volunteer there and get my high school community hour requirements. They had agreed to let me go this week.

Then, a couple days days ago, one of my friends invited me to their birthday party. It was to be taken place on May 28th. There was a slight conflict with my volunteer plans, but I wanted to go to this birthday party as well. I had skipped out last year due to circumstances, and I really wanted to make it up by going this year. Plus, it seems like fun.

My original plan was to volunteer on Friday, go to the party on Saturday, and continue with the volunteering on Sunday. Any homework or studying I needed to do will be done during the times I’m at home. The plan was pretty much set and perfect. I reconfirmed these plans on May 26th with my mom. She said the plans were pretty well set and that I was allowed to go to the Anime convention as well as the birthday party. However, my mom said I should run the plans by my dad first. So, that night, I ran the plans through with my dad and he shot them both down. He claims that if I were to skip the afternoon classes of school on Friday to volunteer, I will become a complete failure in life, my average in school will drop by over 15%, I won’t make it into any universities, and I’ll forever live off of welfare.

Don’t get me wrong … maybe skipping the afternoon of Friday’s classes to go to the convention wasn’t the brightest idea but I was willing to compromise. I wouldn’t skip Friday’s classes and I’ll simply go to the convention after school and the rest of the plans will go untouched.

After my dad shot down my plans, he saw that I was extremely disappointed since both my parents had made me this promise over two months ago. He then began to say, “Well, if you really want to, I can’t stop you. I just think it’s a bad idea.” It was going to be fine, until my mom decided to ruin everything. This woman had agreed two months ago, and agreed on the morning of the 26th too. She had completely agreed to ALL of this. Eventually, my parent’s decided to pull a bitch move. Apparently, I had to choose one. It’s either I go to the convention or I go to the birthday party. For once, I was actually very calm. I talked calmly and told my mom to please let me go to both since they’re both events that I really want to attend. Since she’s so amazingly stubborn, she did not agree with me.

To me, this really isn’t a matter of “just-choose-one-event-and-go”. This is more of a matter as to “I can’t choose”. When I make a commitment to something or someone, I intend to follow through with it. I hate to be the one telling my friends that I hate people who flop on plans at the last moment and be the one to then do the same. I know the decision may seem easy. It’s either go to the convention or go to the party. But it isn’t. I’d rather not go to either if I was only given the option of choosing one. Plus, I hate disappointing people I’ve already made commitments to. I hate that my parents strongly believe in: “Friends are nothing. We don’t need friends. Family is what matters”. I can see why they think that, but to me … friends are equally as important to me. This whole thing seems totally blown out of proportion since it may seem like a simple “anime convention vs. birthday party” to everyone else, but it’s so frustrating to me. The fact that I’m put in such a position is frustrating. However, what angers me more is the fact that my parent’s don’t trust me at all. They don’t trust that I’ll finish my homework. They don’t trust that I know what I’m doing. And while they don’t trust me, here I am … still being so obedient. When so many of my friends suggest sneaking out, I wouldn’t want to possibly do anything that would disappoint my parents. I try to hard in school and it’s not like I PURPOSELY get bad grades. I’m sorry if I occasionally get a 60% on a test, but in the long run, my grades have always been A’s.

Anyways, last night, I left the dinner table after two bites because I just didn’t want to be around them. I know it sounds stupid and I sound like a douche for being so rude, but there’s only so many times I can put up with my parent’s mistrust in me despite the fact that I’ve done nothing to break that trust. I can only put up with so many insults  about my intellect. When I came back upstairs after dinner, I heard my dad say, “Well, she seems really sad. Why don’t we just let her go?” to which my mom replied “NO”. I was honestly shocked. This was the woman who had PROMISED ME. TWO TIMES. Maybe it’s just me, but I honestly take promises seriously and I expect people to follow through with them. This is why I hate myself for not being able to pull through with my promises to my friends. I continued ignoring them all day. After dinner, we usually watch dramas together but I ignored that. This morning when my mom called me for breakfast, I took two bites and left it. In the car, when my dad offered me gum, I snatched it from his hand and gave it back without a word. When I called home, I made it curt. When my mom called me for dinner tonight again, I ate everything in two minutes and left.

I totally understand that I sound like a spoiled brat, but I have never asked for something like this before. In my sixteen years, I have never gone out for a weekend. I always stay home and do my homework. This ONE time that I asked, they promise me it and then take it all away from me at the last minute. If this was the first time, I might not even be as angry, but it’s not. This is the third time this happened. Two years ago, I had asked them in March, they said yes then backed out of the last minute. Last year, I asked them a week before a party, they said I could go then changed their mind last minute. I am sick and tired of their last minute decisions that make me look like a total asshole to my friends. Trust me, if I felt they had a good reason, I’d listen. But the fact that you think the rest of my life will be ruined because I actually want to have fun for one weekend for once in my life … I completely disagree.



  1. i hear that. my parents were the same way. i really wanted this hamster once for my birthday and my dad had agreed weeks ago. then on the morning of my birthday, guess what? he said no. i was really disappointed, ran crying into my room and slammed the door.

    • Sigh, that honestly sucks. Did you get the hamster in the end?
      + I really don’t get what’s wrong. I ended up choosing on of the events just now and my mom said no even though she said I could choose. Ugh.

      • no, sadly i never got the hamster. :/ and i’m sorry your mom changed her mind again! -_-

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